21 Things You Can Do for a More Sustainable 2021

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Sustainable for the planet and sustainable for yourself, we’re thinking, as we’re sharing these 21 tips on what you could focus on in 2021. Because it sure ain’t easy saving the world on shaky legs and with trembling hands, but totally doable if strong and healthy and together with likeminded. You guys, it’s 2021 – let’s turn this into a freaking awesome year!

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Reading and Cooking Inspiration for the Holidays

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Below, we’ve collected a bunch of blog posts from over the past three years that we thought could make for some cozy reading during the holidays, as well as all of our holiday themed recipes for easy inspiration and access. We’ll be clocking out from social media and all things screens in a couple of days for a good few weeks of legit Christmas break, and hope to spend our days wonderfully plan-free. The plan is not to plan, in other words, but just fuel up on family time, outdoors time and good food time.

From all of us to all of you: Happy Holidays!

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Our Journey to Becoming Ultra Runners

What does it take to become an ultra runner? How do you go from a leisurely 5k a few times a week to tackling a double marathon distance in one go? Well, the road to completing an ultra can look very different depending on who you ask, but our answer to the big “how” is far from “you need to be a super human”. We think ultra running could be for everyone, in other words, and will share here what our journeys there looked like. And even though we’ve gone through our fair share of ups and downs, one thing is certain: we’ve had so much fun along the way.

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Finding What Makes You Happy

One of our dearest, dearest topics – I’m so happy many of you wanted to read more about it. First: it sounds like the most fundamental thing, knowing what makes you happy. But at the end of the day, a whole bunch of us has no clue. We do things because we’re used to doing them. Because others do them. Because we think we like doing them. Because we think we have to. Because we’re scared what will happen if we stop. Because we’re afraid we’ll lose friends if we stop. Because we don’t know any better. Because. Because. Because.

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5 Weekly Vegetarian Meal Plans

Women holding a cabbage head.

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Sometimes, meal planning can feel like one of those “easier said than done” type of things. Yes, it’s excellent in theory and not even that difficult of a task – but boy oh boy, it can be hard to get around to anyway. With that in mind, we’ve put together 5 weekly vegetarian/vegan meal plans for you – including shopping lists and some prepping hacks – which we hope will make life easier for you and perhaps also get you on the right path as far as eating a greener diet.

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The Sunday Interview: Runner, Farmer and Mother Emelie Forsberg

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Where do you begin when your task is to introduce Emelie Forsberg? Our guess is that most of you already know who she is, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to spell out for you exactly why Emelie is our greatest role model. It certainly feels like such an honor to have gotten a few minutes of her precious time, as the busy mother, elite athlete in multiple sports disciplines, author, small scale farmer, entrepreneur and mountain adventurer as she is. Wait, what? you might think. A mother, elite athlete, author, farmer, entrepreneur, mountain adventurer? Yep. And then we’ve only scratched the surface.

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How to escape the hamster wheel – tools and tips

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What is the hamster wheel, even? The dictionary hints to an unfulfilling activity leading nowhere, but our modern day interpretation builds more into it than that. We use the term when we speak of a tiring work routine with little time to do the things we truly love. When we feel a bit lost in where we are headed in life. When it feels like all you do is count down until the weekend. When you work tirelessly to bring in money that seemingly disappears into thin air. When you catch yourself daydreaming of a different life. The list goes on. If you’d like for more space to breathe, perhaps time to pursue your passions and feel ready for a life of more life, but didn’t exactly win the lottery last week, can you escape the hamster wheel? Can you design a life of less work and more play without having to risk your own and your family’s wellbeing? Yes and yes!

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10 Tips for a Better Fall

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Meal plan

Set aside time to plan for what you’ll be eating and write a shopping list for the coming week. Make sure you’re not stressed when you do it – only then will it turn into a positive habit you’ll want to continue with – and go to the store once, preferably early in the day when you’re not hungry or low on energy. You hear many people say they don’t have time to plan a weekly dinner menu, but we’d like to argue you probably don’t have time to not plan in that case. Planning will, at the end of the day, always save you time (and energy. And money). In one hour’s time, you could easily plan for a week’s worth of dinners (and lunch boxes) as well as write a shopping list. Add one more hour, and you can probably get the shopping done as well (perhaps a little more depending on proximity to the store of course). All in all, two-three hours. Picture instead having to come up with something to cook and going to the store after work every day – doesn’t it seem likely this would accumulate to a whole lot more than that? As fall often brings with it lower energy levels and limited amount of daylight, being cautious with where your time goes is a smart investment in your mental (and physical) wellbeing. If you have your food situation under control, perhaps you’ll have time to go for a run after work, before the sun sets? Perhaps you’ll manage better to stick to home cooked food if you have a plan and the cabinets are well stocked, and be able to stay away from getting take out/ordering home delivery when you’re hungry and it’s dark, wet and cold outside? Meal planning would win olympic gold if life management was an event, that’s for sure.

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