The Sunday Interview: Runner, Farmer and Mother Emelie Forsberg

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Where do you begin when your task is to introduce Emelie Forsberg? Our guess is that most of you already know who she is, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to spell out for you exactly why Emelie is our greatest role model. It certainly feels like such an honor to have gotten a few minutes of her precious time, as the busy mother, elite athlete in multiple sports disciplines, author, small scale farmer, entrepreneur and mountain adventurer as she is. Wait, what? you might think. A mother, elite athlete, author, farmer, entrepreneur, mountain adventurer? Yep. And then we’ve only scratched the surface.

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The Sunday Interview: On Gardening, Self-Sufficiency and Life Balance with Karoline Jönsson

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I remember so well the first time I found my way to Karoline Jönsson’s Instagram account @sjalvhushallningprojektet (The self-sufficiency project), because I immediately felt “that’s how I want to live too”, as I started scrolling through her magical pictures and reading her thoughts on self-sufficiency, countryside living, vegetable growing and the love for nature. We had recently moved to Sweden at the time, and it had dawned upon us rather quickly that we had found our home in more ways than just one, with our little house in the woods and a vegetable garden in the making outside our window. Here we had Karoline and her partner Alex, a couple roughly our age living what seemed to be the dreamiest of dreamy countryside lives on a farm in southern Sweden. Were you really allowed to feel that way? That you simply want to live immersed by serenity with nature as your closest neighbor, far away from city life, hectic careers and expensive habits?

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The Sunday Interview: On Parenthood, Countryside Dreams and Life as a Freelancer with Emma Sundh

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We moved to Sweden in August 2017, and got to enjoy a pretty normal Swedish late summer before an unusually rainy fall took over. The coming spring, in 2018, didn’t see any rain at all, on the other hand. And it was warm. Summer-like way too early, many would say. And so it continued. The summer of 2018 was indeed nice from a swimming and sunbathing perspective, but it left many of us with a big lump in our stomachs. A big one, even. I remember that Mike, still a beginner Swede at the time, asked me sometime in May-June if forest fires ever were an issue in Sweden. “Nah”, I said. “I can only recall one, and that was the one in the Tyresta National Park many years ago”. The one that dad actually smelled even out here on Yxlan and made him go for a loop around the neighborhood in the middle of the night, to see if something was up.

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The Sunday Interview: On Running, Life and the Love for Nature with Erika Borgström

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Today, we have the great pleasure of finally getting to publish the first interview of what we hope will turn into a long series of inspiring, interesting conversations about everything under the sun. Our inaugural interview object is a person we’ve actually never met in real life, but someone we’ve followed on Instagram for many years. And while Erika Borgström is mostly known for her athletic achievements as a trail runner and ski mountaineer, we’d like to say she has captured our interest just as much through her carefully worded reflections on life through social media. A person you can’t help but to love, it feels like. Let’s get started.

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On Detours and Finding Your Way Home: An Interview with Sophia

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Today it’s time to ask some questions to the other half of our duo: Sophia. The interview with me, Mike, from last week can be found here: A Transplanted New Yorker in Sweden: An Interview with Michael. It’s been wonderful receiving your positive feedback ever since that one was posted, and we feel very inspired to get going with the “real” interview series this coming Sunday. Until then – here’s the interview with Sophia. Some of the questions have been submitted by you all through Instagram, and some are my (Mike’s) own.

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A Transplanted New Yorker in Sweden: An Interview with Michael

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For a while now, we’ve been daydreaming about putting together an interview series with people we find inspiring and interesting. One thing that defines us both is our curiosity, and that we can get excited about almost any topic if the story is compelling enough, or if the storyteller is a captivating character. Reading and listening to personal portraits and in-depth interviews is something we both love, and this is one of the primary ways we find inspiration and courage to test our wings, try new things and live our dream. There have been many times where the interview object or subject of, let’s say, a podcast hasn’t been an obvious point of interest, but where the outcome has managed to completely capture our attention. Now, we’re total beginners at interviewing people, and really have no clue as to how to put these enchanting stories together, but we’re too curious to not give it a try. We figured that if we just ask the questions we ourselves would love to hear the answers to, we can’t be too far off.

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