The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies (Ever)

Chocolate chip cookies and a bar of chocolate

We often point out how much Mike loves ice cream, but fact of the matter is that he’s a true cookie monster too. And another fact is that if you pair an ice cream lover and cookie monster with someone who’s kind of into sweets but maybe not a total devotee, you’ll quickly have two ice cream lovers and two cookie monsters. That is, if the first one possesses the skills to make fantastic homemade ice cream and bake the most delicious cookies. You all know where this is going. He got me.

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Potato Salad Wrap with Kale

Anything wrapped up in flatbread sounds like a great idea, we’d argue. We like good food and we like high quality ingredients, but you can’t call us picky eaters – give us a slice of home baked bread and a slather of hummus and we’re all set for lunch. It doesn’t take much to satisfy us, at the end of the day – simply because we like… simple. No-fuss. Easy. Sometimes it’s wonderful to spend a whole day cooking. Follow an intricate recipe and stir for hours. But most of the time, we prefer the ingredient list short, the instructions few and the time spent cooking limited.

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Quick Summer Pasta with Spinach and Tomatoes

pasta in a bowl with spinach and tomatoes

A simple summer pasta dish – isn’t that just the best, at the end of the day? This is the epitome of no-fuss cooking, and definitely embodies what we crave and turn to all the time currently. And with a fresh little baby and even fresher veggies starting to come out of the garden now, that’s no rocket science, wouldn’t you agree?

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Granola Bars

Granola bar squares on a wooden table with a knife.

Simpler, cheaper and now even vegan friendly – here’s an updated version of our original Granola Bars recipe. Granola bars fall into that category of money saving tips related to making things yourself vs. buying already made – purchasing prepackaged bars gets expensive quickly. Here, the ingredients for the whole batch cost about as much as one store-bought bar. That’s a good deal, wouldn’t you say? We love having some of these in the freezer for impromptu adventures or quick snacks when blood sugar levels are on the decline, and suggest you give the recipe a go. Super simple to make, very yummy to eat. Good luck!

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Our Favorite Spring Recipes

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Spring is here, and we feel endless joy at the thought of digging into asparagus, radishes, spinach, lettuce, rhubarb and nettles, resting completely assured that these have popped out of the ground right here at home and haven’t circumferenced the Earth on their way to our plates. This is the time to say thank you and goodbye to hearty stews and warming soups, and instead make way for light salads, colorful pasta dishes, quick meals cooked on the grill and – of course – desserts with fresh fruit and berries. At this point, we obviously don’t have access to everything yet, but that’s the whole point of eating local produce only: that you, veggie by veggie and fruit by fruit, get to eat and enjoy your way through each season, and give yourself the chance to fully appreciate what nature has on offer in every given moment. These are our favorites right now:

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Vegan Nettle and Sunflower Ricotta Cannelloni

Two cannelloni on a plate with tomato sauce.

The season we’ve all been longing for has finally arrived – spring. And with it, endless bird song. Refreshing rains. Earthy, wonderful smells. Flowers of all shapes and colors. And… fresh greens. Whether foraged wild greens or spinach you’ve grown yourself, those first few leaves are holy. After yet another winter of eating with the seasons, the joy knows no limits!

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Creamy Lentils with Roasted Veggies

Oven roasted root vegetables and black lentils on a cutting board

Do you have dishes you just whipped up randomly one day that then became staples of your cooking repertoire? We have a few, and most of them are results of wanting to finish off a bunch of opened containers of various things in the fridge.

Creamy lentils, as we call them, would fit perfectly into that category. Lack of time and inspiration to cook often make us reach for lentils, as these need no soaking and are quick to prepare. Add to that some leftover creme fraiche asking to be taken care of and some staple flavorings, and this dish had come about. Lentils are typically used in “wet” contexts – either soups, stews or sauces – and can’t really be enjoyed by themselves. Beans are a little more versatile in that sense. But this way, when you make it a creamy concoction, the lentil part of the plate is really quite yummy and doesn’t feel one bit dry or boring. No necessary evil vibes whatsoever.

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No-knead Whole Grain Sandwich Bread

bread underneath kitchen towel

Remember how we’ve set out to bake all of our own bread in 2020? Well – so far, so good! We’re a third (!) into the new year and haven’t even been the slightest bit tempted to buy any soft bread when at the store (crisp bread is “allowed” though).

The key has of course been to always stay one step ahead and have some in the freezer all the time, which in turn also means always keeping bread baking ingredients around the house. We even reorganized our kitchen cabinets so as to give all the different flours the space they deserve – now we have an entire shelf dedicated to those bags only!

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Easy Vegan Blueberry Cake

Cake made with blueberries with a dusting of powdered sugar.

With the help of some pantry ingredients and frozen berries, you can whip up a delicious and quite decadent (vegan) blueberry cake in a jiffy. The ingredient list is eco-friendly from top to bottom and the outcome is guaranteed to satisfy all longings for summer, we promise.

Relying on frozen berries is key here, unless you live in a place where they’re in season currently. Using fresh ones imported from far away isn’t a smart environmental move in any way – and they’re typically way too tasteless and expensive for our taste anyway. No thawing is needed either – you just stir them right into the batter straight from the freezer, and about an hour later, your super moist cake will be ready for indulging. And this is one of those cakes that only gets better day two and three, so making it in advance is a good idea!

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