Potato Salad Wrap with Kale

Anything wrapped up in flatbread sounds like a great idea, we’d argue. We like good food and we like high quality ingredients, but you can’t call us picky eaters – give us a slice of home baked bread and a slather of hummus and we’re all set for lunch. It doesn’t take much to satisfy us, at the end of the day – simply because we like… simple. No-fuss. Easy. Sometimes it’s wonderful to spend a whole day cooking. Follow an intricate recipe and stir for hours. But most of the time, we prefer the ingredient list short, the instructions few and the time spent cooking limited.

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Quick Summer Pasta with Spinach and Tomatoes

pasta in a bowl with spinach and tomatoes

A simple summer pasta dish – isn’t that just the best, at the end of the day? This is the epitome of no-fuss cooking, and definitely embodies what we crave and turn to all the time currently. And with a fresh little baby and even fresher veggies starting to come out of the garden now, that’s no rocket science, wouldn’t you agree?

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Our Favorite Spring Recipes

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Spring is here, and we feel endless joy at the thought of digging into asparagus, radishes, spinach, lettuce, rhubarb and nettles, resting completely assured that these have popped out of the ground right here at home and haven’t circumferenced the Earth on their way to our plates. This is the time to say thank you and goodbye to hearty stews and warming soups, and instead make way for light salads, colorful pasta dishes, quick meals cooked on the grill and – of course – desserts with fresh fruit and berries. At this point, we obviously don’t have access to everything yet, but that’s the whole point of eating local produce only: that you, veggie by veggie and fruit by fruit, get to eat and enjoy your way through each season, and give yourself the chance to fully appreciate what nature has on offer in every given moment. These are our favorites right now:

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Vegan Nettle and Sunflower Ricotta Cannelloni

Two cannelloni on a plate with tomato sauce.

The season we’ve all been longing for has finally arrived – spring. And with it, endless bird song. Refreshing rains. Earthy, wonderful smells. Flowers of all shapes and colors. And… fresh greens. Whether foraged wild greens or spinach you’ve grown yourself, those first few leaves are holy. After yet another winter of eating with the seasons, the joy knows no limits!

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Creamy Lentils with Roasted Veggies

Oven roasted root vegetables and black lentils on a cutting board

Do you have dishes you just whipped up randomly one day that then became staples of your cooking repertoire? We have a few, and most of them are results of wanting to finish off a bunch of opened containers of various things in the fridge.

Creamy lentils, as we call them, would fit perfectly into that category. Lack of time and inspiration to cook often make us reach for lentils, as these need no soaking and are quick to prepare. Add to that some leftover creme fraiche asking to be taken care of and some staple flavorings, and this dish had come about. Lentils are typically used in “wet” contexts – either soups, stews or sauces – and can’t really be enjoyed by themselves. Beans are a little more versatile in that sense. But this way, when you make it a creamy concoction, the lentil part of the plate is really quite yummy and doesn’t feel one bit dry or boring. No necessary evil vibes whatsoever.

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Loaded Kale and Lentil Lasagna

A plate with kale lasagna topped with pumpkin seeds

This is our third lasagna recipe. The other ones are called Chard Lasagna and Winter Lasagna, and it seems safe to say we’re simply lasagna people. What’s not to like? It’s easy to make a lot when you’re at it, leaving plenty of servings for the freezer and more dire times, and the cost per serving is comfortably low. It’s filling to say the least, but you can also easily pack in lots of vegetables and other good stuff in there, making it brim with energy, vitamins and minerals alike.

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Carrot Galette

A carrot galette with feta cheese on a cutting board

Can you even make a galette with carrots? Of course you can! Carrots make up one of our primary vegetable staples during the colder half of the year, and we turn to them almost daily for different applications.

We developed this recipe for our Easter Buffet, in hopes it would inspire to choose the in season produce over for example asparagus. Because the truth is, we’re still some weeks away from when the (locally grown) spring produce starts to arrive, and we better do Mother Earth the favor of staying away from veggies flown in from the other side of the world.

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Vegan Easter Buffet

an assortment of dishes on a table, including a carrot galette, crostini, white beans, roasted potatoes and veggie meatballs

Happy Easter, everyone! The 2020 edition looks a lot different for many of us, due to the current COVID-19 situation in the world, but we believe celebrations should still be allowed – or at least adapted versions. Small gatherings of just the family you live with count too! We already live our lives in a semi-isolated kind of fashion, with few interactions with people on a daily basis, but stick even more to ourselves this year. Much of that is because of pregnancy and the upcoming trip to the labor ward, when we all want to be as healthy as we possibly can be.

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Winter Ratatouille With Wheat Berries

Bowl of pearled wheat with tomato sauce and winter vegetables.

Calling this a ratatouille might be a stretch, we know. And even though Wikipedia’s definition is forgivingly vague (“Recipes and cooking times differ widely, but common ingredients include tomato, garlic, onion, zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper and some combination of leafy green herbs”), I feel like maybe we should have just called it a winter stew?

Anyway, here it is – and it’s rather divine. Not particularly French, perhaps, but divine nonetheless. Soft cubes of butternut squash in a creamy tomato sauce, boosted with kidney beans, kale and warming spices. Served over a bed of chewy wheat berries, it’s one of those comforting dishes that this time of year asks for time upon time. We like to make a big batch on a Sunday evening and then rest assured that we have at least a few dinners prepared for the week right there. And as with most stews, this one only gets better after a day or two, when the flavors have really blended and the creaminess somehow multiplied.

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