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A complete guide to life-long self-coached success, including everything from training planning and sports nutrition to injury prevention and motivational tools.

The Run Far Formula is the only running course of its kind that will not only teach you exactly how to plan your training to achieve your set goal as well as steer clear of injury, but how to do so time and time again in the future – whatever the goal and whatever the life situation. After taking this course, you will find no reason to google generic training plans or consider hiring a professional coach ever again.

Before you go ahead and join the waitlist, let’s talk about who this exciting, motivating, jam-packed, road-to-success type of program is really for…

You’re a runner with no shortage of ambition who’s over feeling lost in your training, always looking for answers but not really finding any and ready to pursue your goals with confidence, put in the work to meet them and steer clear of any roadblocks in the process.
Whether you’re…
  • someone who just recently started thinking of themselves as a runner, is intrigued by working towards a goal or simply wants to learn about key concepts to successful, happy running
  • someone who has many miles and races logged and wants to continue to progress but feels a bit stuck and unsure on how to get there
  • someone who is glancing at personal coaches and online coaching programs to get help with your training and realizing your dreams but feels uncertain if it’s for you (or worth the money)

By the end of this program,
you will have:

  • Defined your ‘why’, set an inspiring, challenging goal and figured out exactly how to get there.
  • Grasped the basic principles of training science + why they actually matter (… and what doesn’t).
  • Learned how to incorporate stretching as well as strength and cross training in a safe and effective manner into your training routine.
  • Nailed your very own training formula (or your own personal key to success, as we like to call it).
  • Created a training plan for your current goal AND learned how to do it again and again as your goal and life situation change.
  • Equipped yourself with all the necessary knowledge, tips, tricks and tools to prevent and, if needed, recover from the most common running injuries.
  • Gotten the hang of all things nutrition – from everyday breakfasts to race day fueling – to set yourself up for maximum success.
  • Found your strategies to stay motivated, inspired and, well, sane in a world much defined by comparisons, times and performances while pursuing your individual dreams and goals.

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