Strawberry and Mixed Green Salad

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It’s time for a confession. Until very recently (read: until we made this salad for the first time, about two weeks ago), we belonged to that group of people skeptical about using strawberries in savory dishes. We didn’t get it. We thought strawberries were ONLY meant for either eating as is or desserts and sweets of different kids. Boy, have we been missing out! The whole thing started when I stood with a giant bowl of greens and tomatoes in front of me, wanting something sweet to add to the mix. Normally, I would reach for e.g. dried currants or cranberries, but neither seemed appropriate for a summer salad. We had some leftover strawberries sitting in the fridge, and we simply decided to give it a try. It. Was. So. Good.

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Green Falafel Pita Sandwich

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The resemblance is quite striking, and the similarities between the ingredient lists are hard to argue. But these aren’t quite falafels, after all. Sure, they’re little crispy balls made from chickpeas. Sure, they go very well in a pita bread together with some other plant goodies. But they taste like summer, thanks to heaps of (frozen) dill. And they have a generous amount of greens in them, making sure we all get our micro nutrients for the day. Plus, they have a touch of cheese flavor thanks to nutritional yeast, making them even more scrumptious.

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Chard Lasagna

Let’s be honest – is there a more comforting meal than lasagna? We always make a big batch of it when heading up north to go skiing. We’ve learned that when we’ve been out on skis all day, we just want to hit up the sauna and then dig right into dinner – not cook. Thus, half of our car is filled with skiing equipment and the other half jam-packed with containers full of already cooked meals. Lasagna, as mentioned, is always one of them. Other ski trip friendly (and winter friendly!) dishes we return to are curry-laden, thick dals and pasta with lentil bolognese. Hearty, filling, nutrient dense, lots of energy. Those are the key words.

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Chickpea pasta with seasonal vegetables

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We discovered chickpea pasta about 2-3 years ago, and have been hooked since. It offers close to an identical consistency and comfort food-feel as ‘real’ pasta (oh I can hear all you pasta puritans roar!), but (naturally) packs in a a lot more protein and fibers. Now, regular pasta is NOT bad food. It’s great, especially if you happen to live an active lifestyle and need lots of energy. But sometimes, if you want to, let’s say, get away with just vegetables for your ‘sauce’, using the chickpea version will make it more of a complete meal. And what’s better than just topping your bowl with some seasonal veggies? Our garden is producing pounds and pounds worth of dino kale, rainbow chard and zucchini right now, so the choice for this dish was simple. In a month from now, it’ll most likely be broccoli instead, and maybe bell peppers (but those little guys better speed up, since fall is around the corner and they’re yet to ripen), and a month after that, we’re probably using green kale and carrots. But back to the vegetables in focus here. Dino kale is, as a matter of fact, one of our favorite crops, all categories. Easy to grow, magnificently beautiful to look at (you really understand where they got the name ‘dino’ from, when admiring the blue-black bubbly leaves) and so, so delicious. It is the hybrid of green curly kale and savoy cabbage, and boy, did they get that baby right. The tiniest, most anonymous splash of something sweet (e.g. maple syrup) works wonders with dino kale, and can really be worth a try. Anyway, this is as simple as cooking gets, and the outcome is quite awesome. Enjoy!

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