Black Bean Brownies

In all honesty, we were kind of like… really? when first hearing about black bean baked goods. Don’t get us wrong (I doubt you would by now), we LOVE beans and lentils. They’re the best. But we also love our baked goods. Cakes, cookies, buns… you know, the whole spectrum. And around here, we tend to lean towards the attitude of “if you’re going to bake buns, bake buns. Not a ‘health-ified’ bun that no one will really enjoy anyway”. I think you get my point. But we also happen to know that from a sports nutrition point of view, having an evening snack with a touch of protein is beneficial. And one simply can’t have too much of all the good stuff in legumes. Enter black bean-based baked goods.

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Granola Bars

Making your own energy bars is a MUST if you’re on a tight budget. Store-bought ones are expensive, and making your own is as easy as it is cheap. We started making our own in 2016, when we had decided we were going to quit our jobs and move to Sweden. We were looking to save up as much money as we possibly could, and our little apartment quickly turned into a DIY studio as a result of that. Granola, yogurt, packed lunches… we had a whole operation going on.

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Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

För recept på svenska, klicka här: Zucchinimuffins med choklad

Now, counting these muffins towards your ‘five servings of vegetables a day’ would be a stretch, even though they do come with a generous amount of zucchini in them. Calling them a quite nutrient dense choice for your sweet treat though, would not. However, just to be clear: we’re not the ones to turn down dessert or say no to an extra scoop of ice cream. Heck, those are often necessary to keep our energy intake on pair with our output! But just as much as we dig decadent cookies, we like to have some heartier snacks on hand. These are heavy on the whole grain rye flour (we sometimes go 100 % rye and it’s just as good) and light on the sweetener, and work as the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or as a packed treat when out and about. The fact that we get to sneak in some zucchini is a great bonus, since our kitchen sees piles and piles worth of it these last days of summer. And yes, tomorrow is the start of the #localthirty and #närodladseptember challenge so please, call us out for munching on chocolate (a very non-local item, unfortunately) tonight. We just couldn’t help ourselves. So unless you’ve chosen chocolate as one of your cheat items… this recipe is off limits – unless you change it up and make a local version of it, which we would love to hear about! In fact, we’ll most likely try to do that too. Anyway, we hope to see many of you joining the initiative to the best of your ability, and look forward to seeing what you’ll be sharing along the way. We promise to keep you posted as far as what lands on our plates, that’s for sure. Happy local month of September, everyone! Oh and… when zucchini is no longer in season, then we choose carrots. You should too.

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