Grön currywok på 30 minuter

Den här rätten borde egentligen kallas för ”Grön currywok utan krångel”. När du är klar med de relativt snabba förberedelserna av grönsakerna återstår nämligen bara lite rörande och lite avsmakande, och sedan är det klart. Eller ja, något slags gryn bör tillagas vid sidan av också, för vad vore en wokgryta utan det? Vi undviker ris för det mesta, med anledning av den klimatproblem som risodlingar bidrar med, och väljer istället alternativ som matvete eller helt dinkel (det senare är vår favorit att servera denna wok med). En skål med vitt ris kan onekligen vara ruggigt gott, men varför inte välja annat åtminstone någon gång ibland och göra både kropp och planet en tjänst?

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30 Minute Green Curry Stir Fry

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It should really be called “No Fuss Green Curry Stir Fry”, this one. Because once you’re done with the fairly quick prepping of the vegetables, all that is left is some stirring and seasoning. And cooking up a grain on the side, of course, because what would a curry be without a accompanying grain? We usually shy away from rice due to the environmental impact of the farming methods, and opt for alternatives such as wheat berries, pearled wheat or spelt berries instead (the latter is what we like to serve this curry with). Even though a bowl of white rice can be utmost delicious, why not switch up at least now and then, and do both body and planet a service?

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Lentil-Potato Dal

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Dal – spelled daal, dhal and dahl as well – is a term used for legumes (that is, lentils, beans and peas) in the Indian subcontinent. It also refers to a variety of soups or stews prepared with any of the said ingredients. Most commonly, one tends to associate dal with a curry-laden lentil concoction, and that goes for us too. In our opinion, that’s just the best. Sometimes we make it without potatoes and serve it over rice instead (which, we’re not going to lie, is ridiculously yummy), but with potatoes already in there, it turns into a one-pot complete meal AND a much more eco-friendly alternative (naturally, buying locally grown potatoes is a far better choice than imported rice). Another great alternative is to serve it over wheat berries, which gives you some rice-like chewiness from a far more sustainable food source (at least for us up here in the north).

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