Run Far Energy Balls

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We all have our preferences when it comes to nutrition choices during training and racing – some prefer only liquid (as in sports beverage of some kind), others like primarily solid foods and many prefer a combination of both. Learning what works for you and what optimizes your performance doesn’t have to be a tricky task, but it certainly can be. We’re still figuring out how we like it, but the one thing we’re sure of is this: sports nutrition products are expensive, and we can think of many other things we’d rather spend money on. So. For the past 6 months, we’ve been experimenting with energy balls suitable for eating during running, and this recipe is the outcome of that. Using ourselves as guinea pigs, we’ve tried different flavors and ratios and found what both our taste buds and stomachs like the best. Practicing eating and testing out specific things is key to nailing your nutrition game come race day, and after a few stomach blow ups in the past, we’re trying to do it right this season! (We use nutrition when we go for runs 30k and up, by the way.)

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Gingersnap Energy Balls

Wherever you look, you see pictures of and recipes for bliss balls, energy balls, raw balls, raw bites etc. etc. There are so many names for (sort of) the same thing I feel utterly lost in what to use. In fact, there’s a quite lovely saying in Swedish that goes “Kärt barn har många namn”, which unfortunately lacks an English counterpart. However, it could be translated along the lines of “a highly loved child will have many different names”. It means that loving parents often have many nicknames for their beloved children, so whenever the expression is used, it’s supposed to show that there are various labels for the same (popular and well liked) thing. Given the first sentence, I think you know where I’m getting with this. There are many names for the energy-packed, naturally sweetened balls we see a lot of – and I’m not sure I know a) what I prefer calling them and b) if there’s any sort of difference between the names. Regardless, here’s another snack ball (oh boy, another name) – flavored in the spirit of Christmas and almost dangerously delicious.

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