Zucchini Chickpea Curry

Few things come together as smoothly and result in something as yummy as this dish right here. Yes, those are some bold claims but they’re 100% true! If you happen to grow your own zucchini, this is a perfect dish to cook with the fruits that might have grown a little too big – if you haven’t already used those towards these Crispy Zucchini Fritters, that is. When the chunks of zucchini have soaked up all the creamy, curry flavored deliciousness here, you can’t tell one bit those weren’t the most tender fruits to begin with.

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Herb Rice with Spinach and Chickpeas

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This whole dish is really just one big, big tribute to spinach – such a widely popular, highly nutritious and downright gorgeous green we wouldn’t want to live without. For those of us who grow spinach ourselves, the seasons are spring and fall (not summer, which we learned last year) and you’ll be eating it by the armful for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the sweet weeks of peak-spring, before it’ll bolt and leave you pretty seed stalks shooting up towards the sun. Here, we’ve created a warm salad-ish main dish, full to the brim with flavor, nutrients and energy alike. Tons of fresh herbs and lemon zest lend a bright kick, and the tahini dressing drizzled on top adds the final touch of yumminess. Leftovers keep well in the fridge and make an excellent packed lunch the next day. Go make!

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Kichadi (Vegan Indian Stew)

Kichadi – sometimes spelled e.g. khichdi or kitchari – is a well-known Indian stew, cooked with plenty of spices and said to possess purifying and detoxing properties according to Ayurvedic traditions. There’s no 100% set formula, it seems like, but most versions come with mung beans, rice and a variety of vegetables, in addition to e.g. mustard seeds, cumin, ginger etc. Kichadi is sometimes used as a reset button for the digestive system, and some people eat it solely for a few days in order to give the body a fresh new start. We’ve never tried doing something like that (nor have we ever tried fasting), but this dish does feel very warming, nourishing and overall grounding. The fact that you only have to get one pot dirty is also a huge bonus! Once you’ve chopped up all the veggies (you can go for a rough chop here, nothing needs to be too small), your work is more or less done, and you’ll end up with a good chunk of leftovers too. It reheats very well, even after some time in the freezer.

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