Fennel Stew with Potatoes and Saffron

Saffron fennel potato stew in a bowl

Yes, saffron is a little expensive but every so often, it’s totally worth the splurge! Especially as the darker half of the year is here and we need a little something to brighten things up. When you hear saffron + stew, many immediately think of bouillabaisse or similar seafood dishes, and growing up, that was basically the epitome of a luxury meal in my (Sophia’s) family – or at least one that my dad would spend half a Saturday cooking! Now I’m not sure if it’s the saffron or what, but this stew definitely has that same “little extra” feeling. It qualifies as both a dinner party and weekend dish without question – but with one giant upside as opposed to other recipes in that category: it comes together quickly.

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Christmas Kale Salad with Saffron Dressing

För recept på svenska, klicka här: Grönkålssallad med saffransdressing

To many, including us, Christmas and cooking go hand in hand. But as much as we love the food prepping and all of that, we appreciate dishes that come together quickly and without much fuss, but still carry that quintessential holiday spirit and all the flavors we associate with it. This is one of those dishes for us: a raw kale salad, with thin strips of red cabbage, soft raisins, crunchy nuts, crispy apple slices and a lovely saffron dressing.

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Saffron Caramel Popcorn

Mike pointed something out to me the other day – something fairly obvious but, you know, nothing I had really given much thought before. Popcorn is just a whole grain popped to deliciousness. Ha! In search for less refined and processed products, and maybe especially in the snacks department, popcorn is… a whole food. Pure and simple. It’s brilliant! It’s also one of our favorite snacks in front of a movie. And now, finally, we have them here in a Christmas edition (which might not qualify for a particularly healthy snack, but what can you do?). I love caramel flavor. Always has, always will. Salted caramel ice cream is my go-to during the warmer half of the year, and as I kid, I’d go for caramel sauce over chocolate sauce any day. Yes, it can be overly sweet. But boy, it’s good. And one of the good things about making your own caramel-flavored food items is that you can sweeten it to your liking. You get all the same flavors but just a little less of that tongue-rolling sweetness shock.

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Saffron Buns

There’s no other pastry, baked good or sweet treat that feels as quintessentially Swedish Christmas as the traditional saffron bun – at least in our opinion. They’re not only really pretty, with their golden yellow color and characteristic shape, but they’re delicious too. As in, you can eat at least a few in one sitting. Growing up here means every beginning of December, you bake a round of these at home. That’s just a fact. There will most likely be Christmas music playing in the background. There will most likely be dough eating to the point of bellies hurting. And it’ll be glorious. I LOVED the saffron bun baking day when I was little. I still do. SO much.

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