Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos

Tacos on a marble table.

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Taco night doesn’t get better – or easier – than this. While you roast the sweet potato cubes in the oven, there’s plenty of time to prep the remaining ingredients, meaning the most delicious vegan taco spread will be ready in no more than 45 min. We love a good taco night and most weeks see one on Fridays – and this has been a go-to combination of fillings since forever. We also like switching out sweet potatoes for butternut squash, which you can check out in this recipe for Loaded Veggie Tacos, and we have a seriously weak spot for these Crunchy Broccoli Tacos as well. You hear – we’re taco people.

There’s also something to food routines. At least in our humble opinion. We’re by no means following the exact same outline week after week, but we’ve realized over the years that we’ve developed a bit of a pattern – and taco Friday is definitely part of that. So is soup Thursday, and there’s usually a pasta meal sometime in the beginning of the week. Saturday usually means something a bit more special (we made our own Swedish style dumplings last week, for example), Sundays often leftovers from the week. If the general idea of the meal is pre-determined, even a sleep deprived parent brain can think of something yummy to cook! That’s that – hope you’ll enjoy these plant based tacos as much as we do!

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Vegetarian Sweet Potato Chili

Sweet potato chili in a cast iron pot.

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Back in New York, we had about 1% of the time we have now to spend in the kitchen cooking. It was a constant battle to try to eat home cooked meals every night without having to bend over backwards and pull a complete circus act in the process, but the times we ended up with take out weren’t actually that many. Especially not after we got serious about money saving – then we never did. Our key tools included meal planning, grocery shopping every Sunday, big batch cooking and early morning prepping. Having the veggies be pre-chopped when we got back home from work could literally feel like a total life-saver.

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West African Peanut Stew

I know, I know, we do like to put peanut butter in/on just about anything around here. What can I say – it’s just one of many glorious things Michael (and America) has opened my eyes to. As a matter of fact, I think peanut butter has an undeservedly bad reputation – why, really? If you get (or make) unsweetened peanut butter, it’s just ground up nuts with a dash of salt. That’s all. Peanuts pack a lot of protein, good fats (both mono and polyunsaturated), vitamins (especially folate, some B’s and E) and minerals (good amounts of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron, for example). And it’s energy dense. All of the above together make peanut butter a great staple for athletes. And while it’s quite amazing slathered on bread, we use it primarily as an ingredient in energy bars/balls, as an oatmeal topping (oh my, it’s the best) and as an amazing flavor and nutrient booster in savory meals, such as this stew. 

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Carrot-Ginger Soup with Sweet Potatoes

How many recipes for carrot-ginger soup do you think there are out there, spinning around in cyberspace? Many, for sure. Can we agree the reason probably is because it’s pretty darn delicious and everyone wants to take a stab at making their personal favorite? That’s what we’ve been thinking, at least, and here we are. Carrot soup is probably one of the lighter meals you’ll ever serve yourself (unless you add a generous amount of heavy cream, which some people do), and it sure doesn’t hold us over for very long. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to make a little heartier of a version. Maybe not hearty enough to make up a full meal for the active person, or for the runner who just kicked off their wet shoes after hours worth of training in the November rain (we hear you), but enough to make up the base for a dinner (or lunch). We recommend serving this with pita wedges (which you can make from making this flatbread) and some sort of bean spread (such as the white bean “hummus”), or simply as a starter.

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