Yellow Pea Guacamole

Nowadays there are many recipes out there for green pea guacamole, and that’s awesome. It’s delicious and about one hundred times better for the world than regular guacamole, due to the questionable eco and humanitarian footprint of avocados (you could read more about that here, if you’re interested: How to Make Your Vegan Diet More Sustainable). But the thing with green pea guacamole is that it inevitably tastes like… green peas. Now, we love green peas and eat them in one way or another several times a week, so it’s not that, but… sometimes one just needs some guacamole.

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Yellow Pea Patties with Parsley

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The quest for the best veggie patty continues – but we’re nearing the end, it seems! We simply have to humble brag a little here, and throw it out there that these are our best ones so far. They’re almost ridiculously wallet and climate friendly – we buy dried yellow peas (Swedish grown) and cook them ourselves, and a whole 1 kg packet costs about SEK 15 (USD 1.50), yielding approx. 50 or so patties. That’s lots of food for little money, and a very eco-friendly option at that.

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Yellow Pea Soup

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Yellow pea soup might not be oozing cool factor or feel very hip – but it should! You can’t really ask for more bang for your buck than what you get here – we’re talking nutrient dense and gut mobilizing yellow peas (how about 22 grams protein and 11 grams fiber per 100 gram dried?), simply cooked with leek and carrots and blended into a warming, hearty, fall-friendly meal. Peas deserve a lot more (positive) attention than they get. Besides being great for us, they’re also quite awesome for our planet. See, peas (together with all their other legume friends) possess the ability to fix nitrogen, i.e. converting nitrogen from the air into ammonium in the soil, which is needed for plants to grow big and strong. Or, it’s actually not the legumes themselves that do all the work – they need to cooperate with a bacteria (the rhizobia bacteria) that (symbiotically) live in their root systems. Peas are also well suited for field growing – meaning no green houses needed whatsoever – and can easily be cultivated even here, far up north. All in all, peas are awesome for everyone and everything, whether we have two or four or however many legs, grow in the ground or spin us all around the sun.

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