Morning Ginger Shot

För recept på svenska, scrolla nedåt!

We’re a few days into the new year today, and us humans usually use this time to feel guilty for what didn’t happen last year and shame ourselves into promising we’ll adhere to a whole set of new ‘healthy’ habits this new year. Whether this sounds familiar to you or not, I want everyone to go into 2019 with a little more love and compassion – towards themselves, towards each other, towards this planet. Easier said than done, I know. And while I tend to stay away from typical ‘resolutions’, I do enjoy and find it useful to set intentions for the new year. I like to sit down and ponder what I want the coming year to hold – for me personally as well as on a more global scale. I find that dreams come true at a much higher rate if you verbalize them and put them in writing than if they’re just floating around in your head. What about you?

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