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Welcome to Live Slow Run Far – our platform for all things running, growing and cooking.

We’re Michael and Sophia Miracolo, a married Swedish-American couple who switched out busy lives in Manhattan for quietness (and a lot less stress) in the Stockholm archipelago. We made the move in August 2017, and have since then contemplated life, renovated our house, created a vegetable garden and… run a lot. Long distance runners as we are, most days start by us lacing up our shoes and hitting the trails, followed by a big breakfast (and we mean BIG). Food is, naturally, another passion of ours – and has been for a long time. But it wasn’t until we moved to Sweden that we found time to start developing recipes and arranging pretty pictures (New York is amazing in so many ways but the light situation in our studio apartment was not). This website ties all our core sources of joy together – our humble home and wild garden, our running endeavors and athletic pursuit, our cooking adventures and food philosophy – and we couldn’t be happier that you stopped by. And speaking of food philosophy: ours is mostly plant based. There’s no judgment here though – we’d rather inspire others to eat more plants than shame habits different from ours. We also put a huge emphasis on seasonal produce as well as overall eco-friendly ingredient lists (in other words, you won’t see too many of those avocado sandwiches here).

While Sophia is the main writer and Mike nails most of the pictures, it’s all very much the work of both of us. Ever since we moved, we’ve spent all of our time together and would – honestly – not want it any other way. While some might wonder how this life brings us so much contentment, we don’t. We love the solitude that we share, the quietness that surrounds us. We love living with nature as our closest neighbor. And we love how we’ve slowed down in so many ways, yet get to fill our days to the brim with endless of fun stuff. This is not the story of two people twiddling their thumbs and letting hours and days just float by – no, this is the story of two people jam packing their lives with very few things they don’t like and an infinite number of things they love. Like coffee, ice cream, pancakes, potatoes, bread, kale, pasta and peanut butter. Like running up and down mountains and through the deep woods, sometimes with a bib on and a finish line somewhere in the distance. Like quietly reading good books, photographing pretty things, drawing up recipes, writing pieces on things we care about. Like living as sustainably as we possibly can. Like chopping fire wood, planting seeds, harvesting hundreds of zucchinis. Like cooking nourishing food and baking scrumptious desserts and always having cookies in the house. Of course, this life choice also means sacrificing fancy titles and fat paychecks – but in the end, those are surprisingly easy to be without (you learn how little you actually need – and you appreciate the rare splurges infinitely more). That’s what this is about. And if you tell us that you’ve been inspired to choose with your heart too, then you just made our day even better. Don’t be a stranger – shoot us an email or drop a comment if you have a question, something to share or just like (or dislike) what you see. Hope to see you around here a lot!

Best wishes, Sophia and Michael

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