Listen to us on the Husky Podcast! (If you'd want to, that is.) - Live Slow Run Far

Listen to us on the Husky Podcast! (If you’d want to, that is.)

To read more about the episode and listen, click Episode 28 – “Live Slow Run Far” with Michael and Sophia Miracolo.

You can also find the episode directly through Acast or search for Husky through your preferred podcast app.

When Magnus Ormestad, the downright awesome person behind Husky Podcast, contacted us earlier this spring about a potential interview, we got – in true Mike and Sophia spirit – very nervous. Like super nervous. Who are we to be on a podcast? And what on earth are we going to say? Well, it turns out we had no problem talking for 2 hrs straight, touching upon our respective upbringings, how we first met, life back in New York City, our beloved island Yxlan, running, racing and race struggles, life challenges and philosophies, gardening and vegetable growing – and maybe most of all, the importance of trying to choose a life that (actually) makes you happy. And leading a life sustainable for this planet.

The nervousness wore off pretty quickly after we sat down in the studio, and we ended up having a great time – but we’d lie if we didn’t say those nerves have returned now, when the episode is out. But challenges and fears are meant to be overcome, so here we are – going public with our voices and sharing personal stories and fun anecdotes alike. Some of the stories, we’ve touched upon here or on Instagram already. Some will be brand new. Altogether, they paint a very nice introduction to who we are and what led us to choosing this far-away-from-the-norm kind of life.

Oh, and if the part about competitive racing and race related nerves struck a chord with you, you might also enjoy this piece that I, Sophia, wrote for Trail Sisters: Confronting and Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Other blog posts telling bits of our past include: Thank you Life Part 1 and Part 2, Decompression and About saying no (but really, more about saying yes).

4 thoughts on “Listen to us on the Husky Podcast! (If you’d want to, that is.)”

  1. Mycket vettigt och inspirerande men även underhållande blev eran medverkan i Husky. Tyckte att ni gjorde en storartat insats och mitt löppass blev några kilometer längre än tänkt då man ville lyssna klart. Tack för sällskapet .

    1. Sophia & Michael

      Tack David! Och ett par extra kilometer dessutom – inte illa 🙂 Vi blir verkligen jätteglada för dina fina ord. Det var både nervöst och fantastiskt roligt att få vara med, och Magnus gjorde det onekligen väldigt lätt och avslappnat. Tack för att du tog dig tiden att lyssna! Och hoppas att ni har en fin sommar, såhär långt. Vi laddar för Fjällmaran om 2 v och sen UV90 om ytterligare 2 v. Hej från oss!

    1. Sophia & Michael

      Haha – the timing of that message was impeccable. We read it as we were inspecting what is about to become a whole new garden area – fence is almost in place, now we just have to dig (a lot – please join in). We’re at a point where laughter is the best response. Mike: “are we doing that thing again, where we take on too much?”

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