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Our First Patreon Perk

We announced that we have created a Patreon page for ourselves a little over a week ago, and would first like to say one big THANK YOU to everyone who has decided to become a supporter. It means the world to us – in much the same way it means the world to us when you take it upon yourself to leave a comment, recommend us to a friend or share our content with your network. For each interaction, we feel as if we move one step closer to our goal of making Live Slow Run Far our “real” job.

We wanted to come up with our first (surprise) Patreon perk, and the choice quickly fell on creating an ebook version of our Vegetable Growing for Beginners blog post. Given the season and the ever increasing interest in growing your own food (perhaps record-breaking this year, considering the recent events), it seemed fitting – and now it’s available to download! Mike deserves all the credit for the layout and design, and we sincerely hope it’ll become a tool you’ll return to often. It comes in both Swedish and English, and even includes a bonus sowing schedule to make your growing season even easier.

Around here, the garden operation is in full swing. Under grow lights, we have been nurturing tomatoes, peppers and eggplant for a few months already, and these have gotten the company of kale, pak choi, broccoli, lettuce, scallions and onions lately. Carrot, parsnip, dill and parsley seeds are in the ground outside, waiting for the right weather to sprout, and spinach has already started to shoot up shy green leaves. This past weekend, we also started summer and winter squash, cucumber, basil, cosmos and cilantro inside, and in the next few days, we’ll start up the first batch of beans and peas of the year. Doing a little here, a little there makes the process seem way less daunting to us.

These are turbulent times, and the future feels uncertain for many of us. Having a plot of land to care for, sowing hundreds of seeds and nurturing plants from babies to majestic, food-producing, tower-like things has seldom felt this good. Working with your hands and sticking them into the dirt is an act more grounding than anything else, and much needed when the world around us feels fragile and shaky. Be safe, and grow away.

Hugs from Mike and Sophia

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