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Ljummen lins- och palsternackssallad

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As I’m typing this, it’s well below 0ºC (32ºF) outside and the ground is covered by snow. It’s 3pm… and the sun has already set. In other words, it’s (late) December. Salads might, therefore, seem a little off at first glance. But not this one. No, this unassuming yet perfect little winter salad has a lot of things going for it – seasonal vegetables, hearty lentils, flavorful dressing… and served warm or at room temperature, it feels just as grounding and nourishing as a bowl of soup. Nutritionally, it’s a bomb. Kale – as we all know by now – packs a wide range of micronutrients (and eaten raw, as in this recipe, it’s even better), and the heaping amount of lentils per serving guarantees plenty of both slow carbohydrates and protein. Parsnips bring – besides great flavor and texture – high levels of both potassium and folic acid, and the walnuts get us a quite the chunk of good fats (walnuts are a great source of omega 3), more protein, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc (among other goodies).

This recipe comes together quick (approx. 30-40 min incl. prepping), and is a common weekday dinner for us. We usually make enough for 4-6 servings, simply because we love the convenience of leftovers. When eating this the next day, we usually just take out the container from the fridge an hour or two before it’s time to dig in, instead of actually reheating it. And a note on the athlete-food aspect: it’s a perfect post-run meal, as well as a great dinner choice the night before a long run. On those nights, we typically have this with a nice, thick slice of wholegrain bread on the side.

So I started out by saying salads seem a little off during the winter, but I think a lot of people actually do appreciate a meal such as this one after all the indulging on Christmas, right? And I bet a lot of us have some leftover kale sitting in the fridge anyway, and perhaps even some odd root veggies. If you don’t have parsnips, but instead e.g. beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes or celeriac, go ahead and make this with what you have. It’ll be a hit no matter what!

For recipe in English, click here: Warm Lentil Parsnip Salad

4 portioner (som huvudrätt)

800 g palsternacka (ca. 8-10 st), skalade och skurna i klyftor
200-250 g rödlök (2 st. medelstora), skurna i tunna skivor
100 g repade grönkålsblad, grovhackade
350 g (ca. 4 dl) svarta linser, sköljda och avrunna
1 st. lagerblad
1 msk buljongpulver (motsvarar 1 st. tärning)
75 g (ca. 1 1/2 dl) naturella valnötter, rostade och grovhackade
Rapsolja, salt och svartpeppar

2 msk olivolja
1 msk balsamvinäger
1 1/2 msk rödvinsvinäger
2-3 tsk dijonsenap
1 st. vitlöksklyfta, pressad
1-2 tsk sirap eller honung
1/4-1/2 tsk salt

  1. Sätt ugnen på 200ºC. Lägg palsternacka och rödlök i en ugnsform, ringla över 1/2 msk rapsolja och blanda runt med 1/2 tsk salt och generöst med svartpeppar. Rosta grönsakerna i ugnen i ca. 20-30 min eller tills de är klara. Rör om halvvägs.
  2. Lägg linser, 5 dl vatten, lagerblad och buljongpulver i en kastrull och koka upp. Låt sedan sjuda under lock i 20-30 min, eller tills linserna är mjuka men har lite tuggmotstånd. (Allt vatten ska absorberas.)
  3. Lägg grönkålen i en stor skål, och massera bladen med en nypa salt i 1-2 min, så att de mjuknar något.
  4. Rör samman samtliga ingredienser till dressingen.
  5. När linserna är färdigkokta, plocka bort lagerbladet och rör ner dressingen. Därefter, blanda samman linserna med grönkålen.
  6. Vänd ner palsternacka och lök, och toppa med valnötterna. Servera direkt.

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