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Sometimes Michael disappears into the kitchen without telling me what he’s up to. I hear cabinet doors open and close, I hear bowls being taken out – and I know immediately that something yummy is coming up. See, he’s got a sweet tooth, this one. And a bread tooth, if that’s even a thing. Point is, Michael is behind most things baked in this household, and it’s quite lovely. This one particular afternoon, we’d been pear picking at a neighbor’s house and M mentioned he’d want to bake something with some of our haul. Sure, I said, and continued working on whatever I was doing. It didn’t take many minutes before he was happily whisking and sifting and slicing away, all the while I could just sit back and wait for the wonderful smells to hit – and boy, they did. There’s just something about those cinnamon and allspice flavored baked goods, wouldn’t you say? They fill up the house like nothing else, and warm you up inside out even before you’ve had a bite.

Michael made this cake a little on the hearty side, perfect for both a dessert occasion and those mid-afternoon moments of I-need-a-snack-right-now-or-else. We ate some slices straight up, and some with a dollop of Greek yogurt on top. Either way – delicious. Obviously, you can substitute apples if you find yourself without pears on hand. Good luck baking!

For recipe in English, click here: Spiced Pear Cake

En rund kaka, 24 cm i diameter

140 gram (2 dl) vetemjöl
90 gram (1 1/2 dl) grovmalt rågmjöl
90 gram (1 dl) strösocker
2 tsk bakpulver
1 tsk malen kanel
1 tsk malen kryddpeppar
2 krm salt
2 dl havredryck
1 msk ljus sirap
1 dl olivolja + lite extra till formen
3 st. medelstora (400 g) päron, hackade i små kuber

Sätt ugnen på 175°C. Smörj en rund form (24 cm) med olivolja och sätt åt sidan. I en stor skål, blanda mjölsorterna, socker, bakpulver, kryddor och salt. I en mindre skål, vispa ihop havredryck, sirap och olivolja. Rör ner de blöta ingredienserna med de torra, och se till blanda väl. Tillsätt päronkuberna och rör samman.

Häll smeten i bakformen, och grädda i mitten av ugnen ca. 50 min. Låt svalna och servera sedan. Kakan är god att äta bara som den är, eller med en klick grekisk yoghurt eller vispad grädde på toppen. Kan förvaras i kylen 3-4 dagar.

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