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5 Winter Running Myths Busted

As the temperature drops and snow blankets our paths, don’t let winter’s chill dictate your running. We’re here to bust some common winter running myths, helping you maintain your fitness, embrace the frost, and actually enjoy every snowy, slushy step.

1. Waterproof Gear is Always Best

Not necessarily. While it might seem logical, unless it’s snowing or raining, waterproof gear can trap sweat and moisture, leading to dampness and chill. Opt instead for breathable fabrics. Wool is a top choice, offering warmth even when damp.

2. There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing (as the Swedish saying goes)

Yes, this is true – in most cases. However, extreme cold demands caution. For most of us, down to -10°C can mean business as usual, but below that, lower your intensity and take it mostly easy. Below -30°C, it’s wiser to switch to walking or hit the treadmill instead.

3. Dehydration Isn’t a Winter Concern

Cold air can be deceiving. You might not feel as thirsty, but hydration remains crucial, especially during longer runs. A tip is to fill your soft flasks with warm water.

4. Stick to the Treadmill or Plowed Roads When the Snow Is Deep

Definitely false! Training in the snow can be a great workout. Throw away paces, and focus on effort. It’s not going to be easy, but running in snow (up to maybe knee deep if it’s light enough) is a great workout, a helluva lot of fun, and one long, terrific strength building exercise.

5. Running In the Winter Increases Your Risk of Getting Sick

Not quite. Running outside in the cold can actually bolster your immune system. What you want to avoid is getting cold in sweat-soaked clothing in freezing temperatures. So dress right, know your limits – make sure to warm up quickly right after your run. If you do happen to get sick, here are some guidelines to get you back quickly: Returning to Running After Illness: Best Practices for a Quick and Safe Comeback.

For more tips and insights into how to make the most of winter running, check out our Guide to Winter Running so you can run strong all winter long. We dive into everything from how to dress and suitable footwear to tips on snacks/energy and the importance of a good headlamp.

As ambassadors for Icebug and Silva, we can highly recommend Icebug’s studded running shoes for winter running and Silva’s headlamps to light your way when running in the dark. Sophia’s favorite are the Icebug Pytho6 BUGrip and the Silva Free 2000 S, while Mike’s picks include the Icebug Arcus BUGrip GTX and the Silva Trailer Runner Free 2 Ultra.

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