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Allt i ett-skål med rotfrukter och mathavre

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Ah, wheat berries. Again. You’ll have to excuse us, but we love them! Nuttier and chewier than rice and about a million times more eco-friendly, it’s a winner any day. Another fun grain alternative is naked oats (Swedish: nakenhavre). Have you ever tried it? Really good as well, and actually even more of a nutritional power house than wheat berries, with higher protein content among other things. We’re working on developing some recipes with naked oats too, so stay tuned! But anyway. I think the first time wheat berries ended up in our home was back in New York, when Mike bought some with the intention of making his own wheat flour. Only, his coffee grinder surprisingly didn’t do the trick (it was hysterically funny) so the box was forgotten about for a while until one of those let’s-clean-out-the-cabinets cooking endeavors took place, and those wheat berries were put in a kale salad of some sorts. Since then, they’ve become a staple, and I’d say we eat wheat berries at least once a week.

This dish is SUPER simple, yet fills you up on both macro and micro nutrients. For the root vegetable topping, really go for anything you have on hand. We like the carrot/parsnip/beet combo, but variations are endless. You really just want a generous pile of various vegetables to put on top, that’s it. The dressing is exactly the same as the one used for this Winter-y Kale Salad, with a bright kick from the lemon juice and a warming note from the dried rosemary. Using the same dressing template is simple and not the least bit boring, in our opinion, and heck – if you’re making both recipes the same week, you can whip up a double batch at once and just store half in an airtight container in the fridge until time to use. So, to wrap it up: the concept is as simple as it is versatile – a grain, a legume, a nut, a dried fruit, a dressing, a vegetable topping. That’s all. Hope you’ll like it, and keep us posted on any fun variations you try!

For recipe in English, click here: Root Vegetable Grain Bowl

4 portioner

400 g morötter (~4 st medelstora), skalade och skurna i klyftor
400 g palsternacka (~4-5 st medelstora), skalade och skurna i klyftor
400 g rödbetor (~4 st medelstora ), renskrubbade och skurna i klyftor
1 1/2 msk olivolja
1/2 tsk salt
4 dl okokt matvete (~280 g)
4 dl kokta bruna eller borlottibönor (~275 g), sköljda och avrunna
1 dl torkade tranbär (~70 g)
1 dl rostad, flagad mandel (~45 g)


1 dl tahini (~70 g)
2 st vitlöksklyftor
3/4 dl citronsaft (~2 st citroner)
2 1/2 tsk ljus sirap
1/2-1 tsk salt
1-3 msk varmt vatten
2-3 tsk torkad rosmarin

  1. Sätt ugnen på 225ºC. Lägg rotfruktsklyftorna på en bakplåtspappersklädd ugnsplåt, vänd dem i olivolja och salt, och ugnsrosta sedan i mitten av ugnen i ca 30-40 min, eller tills klyftorna är mjuka och gyllene (rör runt halvvägs igenom). Sätt åt sidan.
  2. Under tiden, koka upp 3 1/2 dl vatten och 1/4 tsk salt. Tillsätt matvetet och låt sjuda i 10 min. Sätt åt sidan.
  3. Medan matvetet kokar, gör dressingen. Placera samtliga ingredienser (börja med den mindre mängden vatten) i en matberedare och mixa slätt, och tillsätt sedan mer vatten om det behövs. Konsistensen ska vara krämig men dressingen ska gå att hälla.
  4. I en stor bunke, blanda samman matvetet, bönor och tranbär med dressingen. Servera i stora skålar med en generös skopa rotfrukter på toppen, samt en näve flagad mandel.

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