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Sockerkaka med pumpa


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Ah, pumpkin season! It always sneaks up on you – one day you’re sitting in a reclined chair, soaking up the last few rays of sun as the leaves are slowly starting to turn yellow, and then boom – temperatures drop to right around freezing, trees stand naked all around and dinners have quickly transformed from cooling salads and grill nights to hearty bowls of stews and soups. Somewhere in there, berry crumbles and ice creams are waving goodbye and retreating back, only to be giving way for apple pies and… pumpkin everything. To be honest though, we’re no pumpkin pie fans. I think the consistency is our problem – yes, it can be smooth and decadent and not too wobbly at all, but we just… don’t like it all that much. This sure isn’t the time to present such opinions, I understand that. But hear me out, will you? 

We made a traditional one, following all the pro tips issued by New York Times food writer extraordinaire Melissa Clark, both for my inaugural Thanksgiving celebration in 2013 and for the one we threw our Swedish family here last year, in 2017. It looked gorgeous both times, smelled divine and sliced so nicely, but the eating experience left everyone feeling quite ‘meh’. And for Thanksgiving, despite the fact that you’ll be stuffed beyond consciousness come dessert time, you want that last course to rock your socks off. Our solution? We make pumpkin bundt cake instead! It’s a million times better, in our humble opinion, and looks almost as pretty with the glaze on top. Michael, as the head baker of the family, is the creator of this recipe and should thus get ALL the credit – all I usually do is prepare the butternut squash purée. Ah, that reminds me – we don’t use pumpkin-pumpkin. Nah, if we learned anything from listening to Melissa Clark, it’s that butternut squash is what should be used, and we’re not the ones to argue. The natural sweet- and nuttiness of the butternut just makes it perfect for the purpose. Also, it makes it all the more possible for all of our Swedish followers to go make this exactly as the recipe says to, since butternut squash is readily available in just about any Swedish grocery store these days. Yay!

One last note: it’s Thanksgiving this week, and while it’s (sadly) mostly thought of as a day of eating followed by a day of reckless shopping these days, I’d like to say a few thank you’s. Maybe you want to, too? I’m eternally grateful for Michael, my favorite person in the whole, wide world. I’m grateful for my mom powering through cancer treatment and taking on life now with more vigour and joy than ever before. I’m grateful for our house, our garden, our running endeavors. For health, for a big and loving family on both sides of the Atlantic, for living every day as if not the last, but as if just immensely valuable. And for this online platform – I’m so grateful we decided to open up a little towards the world. Sharing thoughts, creating recipes and hopefully also showing that we can all choose our way of life. It doesn’t have to look exactly like everyone else’s. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! If you’d like to share what you’re grateful for, whether today or some random day in the future when you stumble upon this page, please do! We’d be happy to hear.

For recipe in English, click here: Pumpkin Bundt Cake

En sockerkaka, ca. 20 cm i diameter

180 g strösocker (ca. 2 dl)
2 ägg
2.5 dl butternutpumpa- or pumpapuré, se kommentar nedan
1 dl olivolja
140 g vetemjöl (ca. 2 1/2 dl)
70 g grahamsmjöl (ca. 1 dl)
1/2 tsk bakpulver
1/2 tsk bikarbonat
1/4 tsk salt
1/4 tsk malen muskot
1 tsk malen kanel
1/2 tsk malen kryddnejlika
1.5 dl valnötter, grovhackade


1 dl florsocker
1 msk mjölk
1/2 tsp malen kanel

  1. Sätt ugnen på 175°C. Vispa ägg och strösocker i en stor skål tills vitt och pösigt, ca. 3-5 minuter. Ringla ner olivoljan långsamt, samtidigt som du vispar. Blanda i butternutpumpapuré och rör om.
  2. Blanda samman vetemjöl, grahamsmjöl, bakpulver, bikarbonat, salt och kryddor i en skål. Rör ner de torra ingredienserna i skålen med de blöta, och tillsätt därefter valnötterna. Låt sedan smeten stå och vila i ca. 15 min.
  3. Smöra och mjöla/bröa en sockerkaksform. Häll smeten i formen och grädda i ca. 45 min eller till när du kan sticka in en baksticka och den kommer ut ren. Låt svalna. 
  4. Glasyren: vispa samman florsocker och mjölk tills blandningen är klumpfri. Ringla över den avsvalnade kakan och pudra över lite kanel.
  5. Servera samma dag eller förvara i kylen i 3-5 dagar.

Kommentar: Du kan använda färdig pumpapuré (dvs. köpt i affären), men det blir så mycket godare om du gör den själv. Vi använder alltid butternutpumpa istället för vanlig pumpa – den är alltid lätt att få tag på och smakmässigt känner en inte direkt någon skillnad. Tillvägagångssätt: ugnsbaka kuber av butternutpumpa på 175°C i 40 min, eller till de är mjuka. En (1) stor butternutpumpa kommer ge tillräckligt med puré för ca. 4 st av dessa kakor. Lägg vad som ser ut som ca. 2 1/2 dl ugnsbakad pumpa i en skål och mixa slätt med en stavmixer. Normalt bakar vi alltid en hel och det som inte går åt till bakningen läggs i kylen och används till andra måltider. Du kan t.ex. använda kuberna till en grönkålssallad, som denna Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing, eller soppa, som vår Butternut Squash Soup with Crispy-Chickpeas.

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