Beet Gnocchi with Walnuts and Crispy Sage

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We sure love our gnocchi – be it regular potato gnocchi or any other variety – and can’t imagine a more satisfying yet sophisticated meal. Over the years, we’ve tried and tested our way through a range of root vegetables as the base: parsnips, carrots, beets… And while we can’t quite pick a favorite flavor-wise, beets just provide the most gorgeous color – and the sweetness pairs so nicely with sage and walnuts. While it might seem a daunting meal to cook, making your own gnocchi is really quite simple – just some mixing, shaping and boiling and it’s all done. Here, you obviously have to make the beet puree*, but it’s not that big of a deal (plus, really convenient to prepare beforehand and store in the fridge until showtime). We just boil the beets for however long it takes until they’re soft (usually around an hour), and then peel them quickly by almost “squeezing” them out of the peel. Some blitzing later (hand mixer works just fine) and your puree is done. Just remember to wear an apron, because beet juice stains pretty badly…

And you’ll see below that we have two procedures to choose from – one with and one without eggs. I, Sophia, prefer the lighter, airier consistency of the eggless version, while Mike is a big fan of the chewier, more typical gnocchi style with eggs. They’re equally easy to work with, the two doughs, so choose whichever one tickles your fancy more. The rest of the procedure is straightforward, so we’ll leave you to it. Let us know what you think!

Serves 4


400-500 g beet puree* (approx. 500 g raw beets, see description in intro text)
1 egg (optional)
6-7 dl flour (lesser amount if no egg)
3/4 tsp + 1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1 1/2 tbsp olive oil
1 1/2 tbsp white wine vinegar

For serving:

1 1/2 dl toasted walnuts (~60 g), roughly chopped
10-15 sage leaves
A sprinkle of grated cheese (optional)

  1. Place the beet puree in a large bowl, and add in the optional egg, flour (a little at a time), 3/4 tsp salt and the black pepper. Once firm enough, tip the dough onto a floured work surface and give it a light knead. Then, divide into 4 equal pieces, roll each piece into a long roll (think thick as a thumb) and then cut into 2-3 cm long gnocchi bits.
  2. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Once boiling, add 1/2 tsp salt to the water, and then cook the gnocchi in 3-4 batches, depending on the size of your pot. Lower them into the water, and remove from the pot as soon as they start to float. This will take somewhere between 3 and 7 min. Place them on a plate, and repeat until they’re all boiled.
  3. Heat up the olive oil in a frying pan, but if you can only fit, let’s say, 1/3 of the gnocchi in a single layer in your pan, only put in 1/3 of the oil (nice and logical) and instead repeat the procedure. Once you’ve added the gnocchi, stir in white wine vinegar (same logic as far as the amount is applied here) and then fry until golden. Repeat and then set aside the gnocchi, covered.
  4. Heat up a splash of olive oil in the pan again, and fry the sage leaves over medium-high heat for about 1-2 min on each side, using tongs to flip halfway through. Place the leaves on a paper towel to soak up any oil residue.
  5. Serve by placing a generous scoop of gnocchi in a bowl and topping with a spoonful of walnuts, a few sage leaves and an optional sprinkle of cheese.

4 portioner


400-500 g rödbetspuré* (ca 500 g råa rödbetor, se beskrivning i introtexten)
1 st ägg (valfritt)
6-7 dl vetemjöl (den mindre mängden om inget ägg)
3/4 tsk + 1/2 tsk salt
1 krm nymalen svartpeppar
1 1/2 msk olivolja
1 1/2 msk vitvinsvinäger

Till servering:

1 1/2 dl rostade valnötter (~60 g), grovhackade
10-15 st färska salviablad
Lite riven ost att strö över (valfritt)

  1. Lägg rödbetspurén i en stor skål, och tillsätt (det valfria) ägget, mjölet (lite i taget), 3/4 tsp salt och svartpepparn. När degen är tillräckligt fast, tippa ut den på en mjölad yta och knåda lätt ett par gånger. Därefter, dela den i 4 st lika stora bitar, rulla varje bit till en långsmal rulle (tänk lika tjock som en tumme) och skär sedan i 2-3 cm långa gnocchibitar.
  2. Koka upp en stor kastrull med vatten. När vattnet kokar, tillsätt 1/2 tsk salt och koka sedan gnocchin i 3-4 st omgångar, beroende på storleken på kastrullen. Släpp ner gnocchin i vattnet och fiska upp dem med hålslev eller liknande när de flyter upp till ytan. Detta tar någonstans mellan 3 och 7 min. Lägg dem på en tallrik, och fortsätt på samma vis tills alla är kokade.
  3. Hetta upp olivoljan i en stekpanna, men om du endast får plats med t.ex. 1/3 av gnocchin i ett lager i pannan, använd då bara 1/3 av olivoljan (logiskt och allt), och stek i omgångar istället. När gnocchin är i pannan, tillsätt vitvinsvinägern (samma logik vad gäller mängd här) och stek sedan tills du har en gyllene yta. Täck över gnocchin i väntan på servering.
  4. När all gnocchi stekts på, hetta upp ytterligare en skvätt olivolja på medelhög värme. Lägg i salviabladen och låt “fritera” i ca 1-2 min per sida. Om samtliga inte ryms i ett lager, kör i omgångar. Låt torka på hushållspapper.
  5. Servera gnocchin i skålar, toppad med valnötter, ett par salviablad och en valfri nypa riven ost.

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