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Review: Icebug Pytho5 BUGrip

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Full disclosure: I received these shoes as part of our ambassadorship for Icebug.

I knew I’d need new studded running shoes this winter. My old ones were done for already two years ago, and for those who follow this blog, you remember that I was pregnant as well as rehabbing a stress fracture last winter – the 19-20 winter, that is, which I guess was one long, dreary fall, really, with regards to the weather we had here in Sweden. Anyway, I was honestly dreading getting a new pair, as my impression of studded winter running shoes is that they’re a little tougher on the foot, take a while to break in and often come with some huffing and puffing from me. Why all this? Well, it so happens that I have the boniest feet of the century. There’s absolutely no bolstering anywhere, and I can count on that anything harder than a rag sock will rub and gnaw and hurt somewhere.

But so Pytho arrived, and I felt immediately that this, this is something else. Sure, they feel a little stiffer than a regular running shoe, but that’s part of the deal when you’re talking about winter models that are water resistant and designed to keep you warm. And already after one week, they started feeling softer and more pliable, so the breaking in process hasn’t been one bit lengthy.

One of many awesome things with Pytho is that the studs are dynamic, which means that they sink into the sole a bit if you, for example, run a stretch on pavement. We do most of our running on trails and gravel roads, but definitely end up on pavement every so often to get from one woodsy area to the next – it’s nice to stay comfortable regardless, and that you don’t need to ponder your shoe choice too much if you know you’ll be on various surfaces is another benefit.

The toe box is wonderfully wide, giving the toes plenty of space. That’s always my preference, but even more so during winter – you only really end up with cold toes when running if they don’t have enough space and a chance to move around. Low drop is another feature, which is also right up my alley. I’m always leaning more minimalistic when it comes to running shoes, and these truly feel like a studded winter model fitting into that description. And just as the official product information claims: this is a shoe suitable for long runs! That’s exactly what it feels like – not that short runs aren’t a good idea, but that the comfort you’re looking for in your long run shoes is right where it should be. I’ve already done a few longer sessions, and couldn’t have imagined my feet would be this happy. However, it’s good to remember that winter running shoes do take a while to break in – if you find them stiff and uncomfortable in the beginning, just hang in there. Flexibility and softness will come.


The outsole features 17 dynamic steel studs, meaning they adapt to the surface and allow you to run on everything from dry pavement to snow and ice without noticing too much of a difference.


This shoe has a medium level of cushioning and a somewhat low drop (5 mm), giving good ground feel as well as comfort over longer distances.


The upper is very durable, and while not goretex, it’s water repellent and does not absorb water. My feet are always dry when coming back from a run in the snow – provided I haven’t gone into the deep stuff, of course. There are also TPU overlays for further protection.


I typically wear a 40 or 40.5 in Icebug shoes and while I could probably get by with the 40, the 40.5 left me some extra room for thick warm wool socks on those extra cold days. That’s worth keeping in the back of your head when selecting your size.

To sum things up: I’ll be loyal to my Pythos the coming winters – the grip is first class regardless of conditions, they dry up quickly if they get wet (if, for example, snow gets in from around the ankles) and the comfort level is high. The light weight aspect is also something I truly value. Also, I think they look really good!

And don’t forget it might take a run or two before a pair of shoes feels perfect – and that you can solve lots of comfort issues yourself to achieve the optimal feel! My bony feet and I have tried lots of tricks through the years (cut open heel caps, been there done that) and I’m not the one to hesitate stuffing some extra padding in there if I sense some uncomfortable grinding (a rolled up baby mitten is a hot tip). It’s important that shoes feel good on the feet and get used, and it’s equally important to remember that all feet look different. With that said, I’m so pleased and happy with the status of my feet after a few weeks of solely running in my Pythos – and I’m just as pleased and happy we have proper winter weather for me to enjoy them in!

Are you debating if you can and want to continue running now that it’s cold and snowy? Then you might enjoy this A Guide to Winter Running we put together. And if you have any thoughts or questions regarding any shoes from Icebug, we encourage you to reach out – either drop a comment below or send us an email, and we’ll get right on responding. That’s all – let’s go enjoy some winter running!


Weight: 320 g (Men’s) / 262 g (Women’s)
Drop: 5 mm
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– Sophia & Michael

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