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Review: Icebug OutRun

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Full disclosure: Sophia and I received these shoes as part of our ambassadorship for Icebug.

I’ve just come back form a long run (30 km) where I was wearing the OutRun model, and what can I say? This is where these shoes really shine. I’ve been wearing them now for about three weeks, and have thereby had the chance to break them in properly as well as test them on varying terrain. Here on the island of Yxlan in the Stockholm archipelago where I live, I have everything from pavement, dirt road and gravel road to buffed out trails, technical trails with a lot of roots and rocks and large boulders, and a typical run consists of hitting up almost all of this – although I do try to avoid pavement as much as possible. With a not too aggressive outsole and plenty of cushion, this shoe can easily transition from the trails to the roads without sacrificing grip or stability. With all that said, that’s not my favorite part about this shoe. No, that’s the fact that Icebug is referring to it as “the world’s most sustainable trail running shoe”, and does so with good reason. It comes with an upper of 100% recycled PET polyester, recycled rubber in the outsole and a midsole made with 20% algae, to name a few features. However no matter the stats, the real test to how sustainable a shoe is if 1. you actually use it and 2. it lasts. Time will tell if it lasts, but I can definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of this shoe.


RB9X rubber outsole made with recycled rubber, with a new lug pattern. Features 4 mm deep lugs which make this a great crossover shoe, allowing for easy transition from trails to roads and back to trails. The outsole shines the most on buffed out trails and dirt roads, while still giving decent grip on more technical terain, i.e. with lots of roots and rocks. It’s been dry here the past few weeks, so I haven’t had the chance to test these in mud, but with the short lugs I can see these perhaps not being ideal for particularly muddy conditions.


As far as cushioning, this shoe lands somewhere in the middle for me. Without adding a significant stack height, the midsole provides a moderate amount of support, allowing for a softer ground feel with a nice bounce back. If you’ve run in the Icebug NewRun, it has a similar feel. There’s also a forefoot rock plate which gives you added protection from sharp rocks and roots.


The upper is made of 100% recycled PET polyester made from recycled plastic bottles and leftover textiles, with TPU overlays for further protection. I haven’t put too many kilometers yet on the shoes, but it feels like the upper will be pretty durable.


Wide toe box allowing the toes to splay, but snug fit in the forefoot. Fits very similar to the Icebug NewRun. Takes about 50k to break in, so they’ll feel a little stiff at first, but will fit like a glove after just a while.

I can see this being my go-to shoe for long runs and easy runs, especially when running non-technical trails and/or gravel roads. Comfort is the main sticking point here. While this shoe would work for everything, for the super technical terrain and speed work, I might choose another pair. I can also see myself using this shoe for walks around the woods and my neighborhood. I used to run a lot in Salomon shoes, and for the sake of possibly helpful comparisons, I’d say this is very similar to the Salomon Sense Ride. (For reference, I’m a 43 1/3 in the Salomon Sense Ride and a 43 in the Icebug Outrun)


Weight: 305 g (Men’s) / 265 g (Women’s)
Drop: 7 mm
More info:

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– Sophia & Michael

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