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Easy Overnight Rise Bread Rolls

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Freshly baked bread on a weekend morning equals utopia for many, us included sometimes. This recipe, however, will swoop in and turn that dream into reality – we promise. This is a no-knead overnight rise bread roll recipe, which requires about 15 min of active work all together. That’s not bad at all, and should be doable to squeeze into even the most hectic schedule. (If you then also divide those 15 min over two days, we’re talking seriously practical.)

All ingredients are simple and typically found in most pantries, with wheat germ possibly being an exception. It adds a whole lot of nutrients to the bread as well as lends an even moister consistency, but there’s no need to rush to the store if you find yourself without – just add an additional 1/2 dl of wheat flour instead (see note in actual recipe below). These rolls freeze and defrost very well, so whatever we have left after the first day goes into the freezer. We hope this can become your easy go-to weekend morning bread recipe too, and give you a reason to relax all the while you savor breakfast for a long time. Taking the time to decompress is vital, and freshly baked bread can sometimes make it easier to get around to it, wouldn’t you say?

20 bread rolls
Total Time: 45 min + overnight rise

Day 1

7 g dry yeast
3 dl rolled oats
4 dl rye flour
1 dl wheat germ (can be omitted – just add an additional 1/2 dl flour if you do)
11-12 dl wheat flour
2 tsp salt
1 liter water

Day 2

1 tbsp poppy seeds
1 tbsp sesame seeds
(or just 2 tbsp of one of them, of course)

  1. Day 1 Mix the yeast with all the other dry ingredients (start out with the lesser amount of wheat flour) in a large mixing bowl. Let sit for 10 min.
  2. Then add the water, and mix thoroughly with a mixing spoon. The dough should be quite wet, but not runny – you should be able to stir it (using some effort) but it shouldn’t come across as watery. If it feels to wet, add the remaining deciliter of wheat flour. Cover the bowl with a plastic top and place in the fridge to rise overnight, or for at least 10 hours.
  3. Day 2 Set the oven to 250ºC. Using a large spoon, scoop out the dough into 20 equally big pieces onto two parchment paper covered oven sheets. Sprinkle with poppy and/or sesame seeds and bake in the lower part of the oven for 18-20 min. Remove from the oven and let cool on a rack. Freeze what hasn’t been consumed the first day.

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