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Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla has become so much the “standard” ice cream flavor you almost forget it’s still its own. You know? And even though most ice cream shops offer it, most of us feel like it’s boring and a waste to choose it. But hey, that’s really not fair! Vanilla ice cream can be the most delicious thing in the world if done right – this is really a flavor where it pays off to go for good quality… or homemade.

And our homemade vegan vanilla ice cream will not disappoint – it’s creamy, it’s perfectly sweet, it has REAL vanilla flavor and it’s overall just the bomb. We’ll be making this a lot this summer, and have it on its own just as often as paired with fresh berries or a crumble of some sorts. The recipe formula is much similar to that of our very popular Coffee Ice Cream With Chocolate Chips and Mint Chip Ice Cream, so if you’re familiar with those, you’ll recognize the process. And if you aren’t familiar yet, then you have two other killer vegan ice creams to check out! Good luck!

För recept på svenska, klicka här: Vegansk gräddglass (vaniljglass)

4 servings
Total Time: 30 min plus cooling time


750 ml oat-based cream (13% fat)*
150 ml sugar (127 g)
3 tbsp potato starch**
1/2 tsp vanilla powder


  1. In a medium saucepan, heat up the cream to almost a simmer. In the meantime, whisk together the sugar and potato starch in a heatproof bowl.
  2. Pour a small amount of the heated cream into the bowl with the sugar and potato starch and whisk together. Once combined and uniform, add in some more cream and whisk again. Do this a few times until about half of the cream has been poured from the saucepan.
  3. Then pour the sugar and cream mixture into the saucepan with the remaining cream. Mix well. Return the saucepan to the stove and put over medium heat. Stir in the vanilla powder and whisk constantly for 1-2 minutes until it thickens. You can tell it’s ready when it coats the back of a spoon.
  4. Remove from the heat and chill for at least 4 hours. Lay plastic wrap directly on the surface of the mixture while it cools to avoid a skin from forming.
  5. Churn the ice cream according to your ice cream maker instructions. Ours takes approximately 20 minutes.

*If using another plant based cream with a higher fat percentage than 13%, reduce the volume and add in regular oat milk to get to approximately 13% fat. For example, if using a cream with 26% fat, use 375 ml cream and 375 ml oat milk.

** If potato starch is not available, corn starch can be used instead.

Tip: this ice cream freezes pretty hard, so if it’s been in the freezer for a while, let thaw for a bit before digging in.

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– Sophia & Michael

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